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The Melaka/Malacca Chinatown is undeniably one of the core areas featuring a vast number of tourism attractions.

Bringing with you the map of Chinatown will definitely help to give you a better journey.



Places To Stay

  1. Grand Continental Hotel Melaka

  2. City Bayview Hotel

  3. Orchid Hotel

  4. Renaissance Hotel

  5. Accordian Hotel

  6. Emperor Hotel

  7. Palace Hotel

  8. Mimosa Hotel

  9. Hallmark Hotel

  10. Heeren House

  11. Baba House

  12. Hotel Puri



Places of InterestPlaces of Interest

  1. Porta de Santiago
  2. St. Paulís Hill and St. Paulís Church
  3. The Stadthuys
  4. Christ Church
  5. Melaka Tourist Information Centre
  6. Melaka River Cruise Jetty
  7. St. Francis Xavierís Church
  8. Baba Nyonya Heritage
  9. Jonker Street
  10. Kampung Keling Mosque
  11. Cheng Hoon Teng Temple
  12. Kampung Hulu Mosque
  13. St. Peterís Church
  14. Sam Poh Kong Temple
  15. Hang Li Pohís Well












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