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Ffo     Food court. If you just want to eat a variety of good Ipoh food in just one place, that would be Anika Selera or Gourmet Square and Wolley centre in Canning Garden. Must try bubur cha cha (The first drinks stall counting from the Woolley centre) and seafood in Aneka Selera (Toong Koo Theng). Try the Marmite Crab or the sweet & sour crab and the fried balitong. Must also try ABC dessert (Ice Mix ) in Wolley centre. It is made up of a bowl of sinfully delightful mixture of red bean, cendol (green strands of pandan flavoured rice flour), jelly, peanuts and palm seed kernel topped with shaved ice, rose syrup, evaporated milk and corn. For the more health conscience, there is a fruit variant you can order. The other two great food courts are Rainbow City food court opposite Sam Tet primary school in Ipoh and all the street food stalls in Mengelembu old town. (All opens at night). You can find a lot of choices of good Ipoh food in these food courts.



Medan Selera Stadium Perak
Business Hour: Monday-Sunday
8:00am - 11:00pm.

Jalan Wei Sek Gai (Menglembu)
Business Hour: Monday-Sunday
6:00pm - 12:00midnight

Gourmet Square at Ipoh Garden
Business Hour: Monday-Sunday
6:00pm - 2:00am.



Banquet Dining Restaurants





Banquet dining restaurants (usually for holding Chinese wedding dinners) which serve excellent seafood and meat. The famous ones among Ipoh natives are Overseas(海外天)restaurant opposite Excelsior hotel, Mun Zhong(民众)restaurant in Jalan Pasir Puteh, Pusing Mun Zhong(布先民众)restaurant (Remember to try their signature prawn dish known as the Kou Hai) in Ipoh town, Tung Hoi(东海)restaurant in Menglembu & branch in Ipoh Garden South, Lee How Fook(利口福)restaurant in Jalan Kampar. Two restaurant that serves very good Nyonya cuisine are Yum Yum restaurant at Persiaran Greenhill near Excelsior hotel and also A-Ssam House restaurant near Jalan Yang Kalsom.



Chinese Vegetarian Food




Chinese Vegetarian Food素食店. There is one restaurant, Restaurant Sin Meng Kee 新明记, in the city centre that offers good Chinese vegetarian economical rice. It has many dishes in its menu. Main shop located at Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar and branch located at Jalan Lau Pak Khuan, Ipoh Garden and Kinta City food court. (Opens morning until evening)



Ipoh Beansprouts Chicken


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                   This dish is usually served with chicken making a serving of  "Ipoh Beansprouts Chicken"

                                    or "Tauge Ayam". In Cantonese it  is called "Ngah Choy Kai"



                                                        Onn Kee Restaurant               Lou Wong Restaurant


Ipoh beansprouts chicken"芽菜雞" , which consists of chicken meat, assorted chicken innards and beansprouts boiled in hard water and served with soy sauce and sesame oil. Ipoh's beansprouts are very fat, short and tastier than those produced outside Ipoh, thus Ipoh's beansprouts also receive orders from other states. Famous beansprout chicken noodles include Onn Kee (安記芽菜雞沙河粉)and Lou Wong (老黃芽菜雞沙河粉)Restaurants both located at the junctions of Yau Tet Shin Street 姚德勝街 and Osbourne Street.



 Mee Goreng 



Fried noodles unlike any other in the world, prepared in typical Malaysian fashion - with a dash of spice, a dose of hospitality and plenty of lip-smacking taste!




Old Town Rojak 




Rojak is our local salad. Put in all cut fruits in a mixing bowl, add in the sauce ingredients and mix thoroughly. Dish mixture onto a serving plate. Garnish by sprinkling pounded groundnuts over the mixture.



Claypot Chicken Rice




Claypot Rice -  瓦褒鸡饭 Rice cooked in claypot with chicken, Chinese Sausages and salted fish. This is the famous claypot rice formerly at Ipoh. Taste is a little salty, though. This famous claypot chicken rice stall was situated near the Bercham Main Road. Business hour is from evening until midnight.



Ipoh Sar Hor Fun


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Ipoh Sar Hor Fun"沙河粉", which are rice flat noodles prepared in hard water and served in clear chicken and prawn soup with chicken shreds, prawns and spring onions. Famous sar hor fun include Thean Chun and Kong Heng Restaurants - located along Leech Street 列治街in the old town. Other popular food choices include chicken and pork intestines satay, curry pork skin chee cheong fun, and their custard! Custards are usually sold out around 3pm weekdays and noon on Saturdays and Sundays.



Hor Hee Noodles



Hor Hee noodles河熹粉.This is also a very delicious kuey teow noodles with fish balls and fish pastes. The most famous stalls selling Hor Hee including those located in Heng Heung restaurant besides restaurant Sin Yean Lee in Ipoh Old Town (Opens only at night), and also the "Gao Peng" restaurant at Charmberlain Road in Ipoh New Town (again, night only).



Chow Hor Fun




Chow hor fun炒河粉 or Kueh teow basah, rice noodles fried in such a way that it is a little wet with dark gravy (as opposed to the Penang char kueh teow which has no gravy but fried with egg, prawns or cockles and the Cantonese-style wat tan hor which is completely immersed in clear, egg gravy). You can get chow hor fun in all Chinese restaurants in Ipoh. The best chow hor fun can be found at a street stall in the Mengelembu town area and one restaurant near Xin Hup Zi (Origin from Buntong) (Only opens at night).






 Laksa叻沙. This is a noodle which is same as the the Penang's famous Laksa but with a different taste. Laksa in Ipoh tastes a bit sour and spicy but not as sweet as Penang's Laksa. The ingredients of the noodle soup contain prawn paste. There is one Laksa stall in Farlim, Ipoh (opposite the Setapak driving institute,on the way to Mengelembu from Ipoh) sells very good Laksa (Only opens on Sunday afternoon). The other one would be the Laksa stall in Kong Heng Restaurant.



Chee Cheong Fun


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Chee Cheong Fun猪肠粉. Unlike the Chee Cheong Fun in KL, Ipoh has it with minced pork sauce and mushroom, topped with preserved green chilli or just plain Chee Cheong Fun with a sprinkle of deep fried shallots and sesame. Can be found in many restaurant in Ipoh. One stall at Thean Chun Restaurant (Beside Kong Heng restaurant in Ipoh old town sells this).



Beef Noodles



Beef noodles.牛腩粉 There is one famous beef noodles restaurant called Buntong beef noodles restaurant, sells very delicious beef noodles, beef balls and yong tau foo. There are three restaurants in Ipoh famous of its Beef Noodles, run by three brothers originally from the Buntong Village of Ipoh. The restaurants are located at 1) Kong Heng Restaurant in Old Town Ipoh (morning still noon); 2) Taman Rishah Restaurant, between First Garden and Menglembu (noon still evening); 3) Jalan Theatre, near the Rainbow food court, in the Ipoh city. (evening still night).



Hakka Noodles




Hakka noodles客家麵. There a few restaurant around the city sells delicious Hakka noodles with yong tau foo. The most popular Hakka noodles is offered by Yin Yau Kui at Hugh Low Street (Jalan Iskandar). This shop specialises in noodles rather than its yong tau foo. Another lesser known favourite, known to local old-timers is located at Majestic Food Centre at Osbourne Street (Jalan Tahwil Azar). This stall offers much better yong tau foo compared to Yin Yau Kui but Yin Yau Kui's noodles are superior. There is one near the Mun Zhong restaurant in Jalan Pasir Puteh (Only opens in the morning), one in a food court behind the Olympia college or Jalan Yang Kalsom (Only opens in the morning).



Yong Tau Foo



Yong tau foo攘豆腐. Some of the recommended outlets are Nam Fatt (南发)in Jalan Kampar, Tai Kar Lok(大家乐)the best one in city centre near Hotel Excelsior, and also one stall located in Pasar Pasir Pinji (Open nights only).



Curry Noodles



Curry noodle咖喱麵. There is one restaurant in old town Ipoh, called Sin Seng Fatt,(新成发) which is located near Kong Heng restaurant in Market Street, sells very delicious curry noddles. The curry paste of the curry noodle is so good that it's packed and sent to franchises in Hong Kong. They have a franchise at SS2, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (Open mornings and afternoons only.). Another famous shop known to the locals is Sin Chuan Fatt (新泉發) located at Jalan Pasir Puteh, known for its very spicy and thick curry paste, fried chicken and pork to go with the noodles. Lesser knowns are; the restaurant facing the roundabout besides MGS secondary school. (Open mornings and afternoons only.) and a coffee shop called Sin Chuan Fong(新泉芳)located at Hugh Low Street.



Mee Rebus



Mee Rebus. This is a plate of noodle with sweet and sour flavour taste. Ingredients include beansprouts and eggs. The famous restaurant that sells mee rebus is the Mee Rebus Ramli restaurant at Cowan Street (Jalan Raja Ekram) and the main shop at Jalan Kuala Kangsar. (Opens morning and night)



Pan Mee



                                                                                                  Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee


Fettucini noodles in clear broth, topped with fried anchovies, minced pork, sliced fungi and sweet potato leaves. At least this is one dish that you may not have to pick chillies from. Non-Spicy!



Prawn Mee Soup


 Noodles in clear red sauce rich seafood broth, padded up with a crown of succulent juicy fat prawns just waiting for the taking. This taste will last long enough in your mouth that pretty soon you will be wanting more. For that added 'zinggg', a side dish of sambal chillie paste is provided.


Dim Sum



Dim sum点心”(fish balls, fried stuff, dumplings, buns, served in small quantities). Foh San restaurant, located nearby the tauge ayam outlets, is a famous. It has a branch in SS2 Petaling Jaya, the satellite town of Kuala Lumpur. Yuk Fook Moon Lau (Opens in the morning and also at night), located behind Excelsior Hotel, sells excellent dim sum too. Ming Kok(明阁)which is just opposite is the best dim sum restaurant in Ipoh. Also try out or take away the Cha Siew Bao", Chinese pork pao sold in Yuk Fook Moon Lau. Be warned, must go there around early in the morning about 6am-7am because it is quite difficult getting a table at a later time.  



Chinese-style Satay




Chinese-style Satay沙爹. This is skewered meat seasoned and flavored with spices and served with cucumbers, onions and a chunky peanut sauce. Please note that the Chinese-style of satay (compared to other satay) contains pork and thus unsuitable for Muslim tourists. The preferred stall is in Thean Chun Restaurant, Ipoh old town. (Open mornings and afternoons

Cuttle fish鱿鱼雍菜. This food is a plate of cuttle fish with kangkung or water convolvulus vegetable and sweet and spicy sauce on top of it.



Sze Chuan Food



                                                                                       Sze Chuan Spicy And Sour Soup


Sze Chuan food.川菜 There is a very good Sze Chuan Restaurant located in Fair Park (There is only one, along the way from Ipoh General Hospital to Ipoh Indra Mulia Indoor Stadium.) They serve some very authentic Sze Chuan-style dishes that can only be described as heavenly. Don't forget to order the deep fried "Man Tou" or Chinese "Pau", Cheong Chang Arp (sauce-layered duck), Sze Chuan fried long beans, Taufu cooked Szechuan-style and Tong Por pork meat. These are signature dishes at this establishment



Salted Chicken




Salted chicken or Yim Kok Kai.盐锔鸡 The chicken is baked in salt in such a way the skin and meat is so delicious when you eat it and you will finished it all. Whole chicken are wrapped in "oil paper" amd then baked in large woks filled with heated salt. The restaurant that sells salted chicken is Aun Kheng Lim Restaurant, located at Theatre Street, opposite Martell house or near Bak Gong restaurant in the city centre. It is so popular that you must call to order before you drop in. Tel: 05-254 2998.



Roasted Duck




Roasted duck燒鴨.The duck is roasted in such a way the skin of the duck is so crispy, smells great when you eat it and the meat is delicious to be eaten. Recommended famous restaurant that sell roasted duck: Yeong Wai(楊威)restaurant in Greentown Business area and Tuck Kee(得记)restaurant in Pasir Pinji, Ipoh. There's also a restaurant called Kedai Hong Kong in the Tasek area. The chef famously studied his duck preparation in Hong Kong. A couple of ex-staff have opened their own duck restaurants in adjacent restaurants.



Ipoh Chicken Rice



Ipoh Chicken Rice. The famous Ipoh Chicken Rice can be found in Bak Gong restaurant located near the Foh San restaurant in city centre,. ( Opens afternoon )



Nasi Kandar



Nasi Kandar. This is a rice with dishes like fish curry, black pomfret curry, ayam masak merah and various types of vegetables. Very popular among locals Malay and Chinese. Located at Yong Suan Restoran, Jalan Yang Kalsom. (Opens afternoon)



Ipoh Fragrant Biscuit


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Ipoh Fragrant Biscuit (Heong Peang). The recommended brand is Yee Hup. Originally produced in a village house in Gunung Rapat, it has been recommended to buy it at the Gunung Rapat Jalan Sri Ampang, Taman Ipoh Jaya store (or a branch in Hugh Low Street (Jalan Iskandar), near Lou Wong restaurant) as you can get it freshly hot baked from there. You can also buy Chinese biscuits and Tambun Pomelo at many shops near Low Wong restaurant. These are the must-buy souvenirs to bring home to.







Popiah薄饼. The best and most delicious popiah, arguably in the whole of Malaysia, is sold in Kwong Heng restaurant, in Ipoh Old Town. This is a food where fried shrimp, beansprouts, vegetables and some sweet sauce are wrapped up inside a paper-thin flour-made skin.



Ipoh White Coffee


                                            Ipoh  t1%2f12%2f55512%2f4%2f62927780.9qaR98rh.jpg  

                                             White coffee and black toast, Ipoh specialties


Ipoh White Coffee, which are coffee beans specially roasted. Its colour is similar to that of cappuccino when served with milk. The best can be found in the few coffee shops located opposite the Kinta Heights flats in Ipoh's old town such as:


The White coffee also believes to be originated from the old town in Ipoh. The owner of one of the oldest restaurant in old town have managed to blend the unique taste of the white coffee by mixing the conventional and new method of preparing the coffee powder.



Tau Fu Fah



Tau Fu Fah, or soybean curd. It is claimed that only Ipoh or Kinta Valley water that can only make this drink so tasteful. This drink is good for the body after travelling in a very hot day. The soya bean is fresh, sweet and smooth. Once you are drinking this soya bean curd, you can feel the smoothness and freshness of the soya bean smoothing down through your throat. It is served steaming hot with pandan syrup. The stall, named Kei Foong, or Funny Mountain in English, is located at Osbourne Street (Jalan Tahwil Azar), near Restaurant Foh San. It has a drive-in delivery service. Also try the delicious variety of:

The Funny Mountain shop opens morning until evening. Tau Fu Fah and its variants can also be found in stalls by the roadside in various places.



Tong Sui



                                                               Bubur cha-cha                 Lotus Seed Tong Sui


Tong Sui, sweet dessert drink that will definitely refresh your body in a hot day. Located at Restaurant Cha Yong, behind Pizza Hut in Ipoh Garden South. The other place locals call "Tong Sui Kai" or Desert Drinks Street is located in the food stall across from Sam Tet Primary School (noon til late night). The most popular tong sui at this place would be black sesame, peanut tong sui. Another few stalls are located in the Ipoh Stadium's food court and in a food court near the former Ocean (now The Store) supermarket.



Ice Kacang 


A popular Malaysian dessert; a concoction of shaved ice, sweet corn, red beans, cendol, jelly and sago topped with evaporated milk and rose syrup. Fruits like banana, raisins etc are alternative choices of toppings.

· Medan Selera Stadium Perak
· Gourmet Square at Ipoh Garden,
· Hawker Food Stalls at Ipoh Garden East
· Medan Selera Stadium Perak on Jalan Stadium
· Jalan Wei Sek Gai (Menglembu)





                           Image:pomelo.jpg    u38%2flokewl%2fsmall%2f25204819.DSC_0099.jpg


Pomelo. Perak's most famous fruit, a large juicy citrus fruit. The best pomelos are reputed to be from Tambun, about 10 minutes drive east of Ipoh. There are stalls selling pomelos in front of the Sam Po Tong temple.